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Hammer Creek provides capital and financial advisory services to small to mid-sized companies in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Principals Peter Brubaker and his son, Patrick, have over 50 years of management, investment and financial experience, and have facilitated significant growth in multiple companies. Coming together to form Hammer Creek, Peter and Patrick now use their expertise and personal capital to help local companies navigate the many challenges that accompany rapid expansion. With access to capital and a wealth of experience, Hammer Creek helps its partners achieve intelligent growth.

Hammer Creek provides a variety of services to meet your specific needs:

  • Average investment of $100,000 to $200,000 per transaction
  • Flexible structure: e.g., debt or equity; minority or majority stakes
  • No fixed time parameters for exit

  • Raising capital
  • Structuring and negotiating acquisitions and refinancings
  • Assistance with preparing strategic plans, budgets and compensation plans
  • Developing infrastructure to support a rapidly growing business
  • Creating an exit strategy

For more information about our services or to arrange a meeting, please contact
Hammer Creek Enterprises at (717) 751-7748 or (717) 840-7972.


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